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She is always in our heart

Amangeldy Alipbaev  (International al-Farabi Kazakh National UniversityAssociate Professor of the Faculty of Relations)

Bakyt. Byzheyeva (International al-Farabi Kazakh National UniversityAssociate Professor of the Faculty of Relations) 

Anargul. Rakhmetzhan (International al-Farabi Kazakh National UniversitySenior Lecturer of the Faculty of Relations)

She is always in our heart

Abu Nasr Al-Farabi, a scholar, says: “The teacher is the master of the mind, the one who understands, and hears everything that has memorized and does not forget.” As it was said, Professor Gulzhohar Chagatayevna was a great scientist and great teacher, who adhered to this principle of our great ancestor.

Today, in the rapid global development of the 21st century, the world’s high demands for professionals is growing so dramatically. In this regard, one of the first educational institutions of Kazakhstan, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, which has been implementing the modernization of the education system, the introduction of modern technological processes, and the exchange of experience with the world’s leading developed countries through advocating best practices of the educational system. 

Our University has an outstanding reputation for teaching and research; this can be seen in the QS international world ranking and listed at 220 place.Academic excellence permeates every aspect of our endeavours. We have an outstanding reputation for teaching as well as world-class teaching facilities, coupled together, this creates an educational experience that develops skills, raises ambitions and prepares future leaders. Professor G. Zhambatyrov, the first Dean of the Faculty of International Relations, made a great contribution to the development of a new profession. Together with her contribution, she devoted her expertise to the formation and strengthening of the faculty.

Zhambatyrova Gulzhakhar Chagatayevna was born on May 29, 1943 in Solntse village of Vernen district of Chelyabinsk region, Russia. Her enthusiasm and knowledge gave her the opportunity to go to the Faculty of History at the State Pedagogical Institute in Chelyabinsk after graduating from Gorky High School in Chelyabinsk region in 1961. Nevertheless, the desire for a country, a fatherland was completed in 1963 with the transfer to the Faculty of History at the Kazakh State University named after SM Kirov. She graduated from KazGU (Al-Farabi Kazkah National University) in 1966.

A young specialist who graduated from the university had been a senior laboratory assistant at the Department of Marxism-Leninism of the State Institute of Arts. In 1970 she was admitted to the assistant to the Department of General History at the History Department of the Kazakh State University named after SM Kirov. Gulzhaakhar Chagatayevna, who has worked in the department for four years, and had been well aware of the tendency of scientific research.

During the postgraduate student G.Sh. Zhambatorova was interested in the history of international relations and European diplomacy. The fact that the special attention paid to the history of international relations has a direct impact on the future destiny of Gulzhohar Chagatayevna.

After graduating from Moscow Postgraduate School, Gulzhohar Chagatayevna returned to the Kazakh State University, and continued her career as a senior lecturer at the Department of General History at the Faculty of History. She had a great deal of research and study, and at the same time she had a great deal of help to othes. That is the power of knowledge. In 1977, even in the Governmental delegation of Kazakhstan, Turkey’s visit to the Consulate of Turkey in Bursa, Gulzhaara Chagatayevna, also reflected on public activity.

In 1984 she was awarded the badge “Best employee of the national education of the Kazakh SSR”. In 1988, she undertook a scientific internship at the Humboldt University in Berlin in order to improve her knowledge. At the same time, in the city of Garmisch in the Federal Republic of Germany, Participating in an international conference at the Marshall European Center for Security Studies, she will deliver a report entitled “Regional Stability and Security in Central Asia.” These scientific journeys heighten the educational field of Gulzhohar Chagatayevna. From 1993 to 1995 she was Dean of the Faculty of History. It was during that time that the Faculty of History had been in the process of training professionals in the field of international relations.

At the beginning of 1992, Professor Zharas Omarovich Ibrashev was the first person who support the proposal of the Kazakh people to prepare specialists in the field of international relations.  At the beginning of spring, in the new disciplines, associate professor Zhambatyrova Gulzhakhar Chagatayevna was eager to lecture on the history of international relations. During her internship at the postgraduate school and her internships abroad, she was able to attend a new specialty. The intricate idea of ​​the lecture and the problem of delivering the question would attract the students. At the same time, elegance in clothing was supplementing her aesthetic and educational qualities.

From time to time, the number of students enrolled in the specialty of international relations has grown, and now it is beyond the scope of history faculty. Head of the Department, famous professor Zh.O. Ibrashev started to open the international relation faculty in 1995. 

She could be a real friend to both the elder and the younger. Having looked at your eyelids, you would notice that your heartbeat was frustrating. It was also delicate, sensible, and it was impossible to hide it from someone. It was a soul that could understand the inner soul, smile, and cry together. We were amazed at their moral qualities and imitated them.

The image of Gulzhaakhar Chagatayevna, a great teacher who has a good legacy to the public, is never forgotten, her way is and always will be inherited.