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A global approach to economic phenomena and issues

QS Economics

By Medukhanova Lyazipa (Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor at the Department of International Relations)

Ospanbayev Zhandos (Senior Lecturer of the Department of International Relations and World Economy)

Dabyltayeva Nazym (Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor at the Department of International Relations)

The economic activities of various modern companies and organizations are basically directly and indirectly out of the national boundaries of subject to international standards as well as regulations. In this regard, it is clear that there is a need for specialists in the modern global economy.

There are a number of specialties in the field of training of economic specialists of universities in Kazakhstan. In fact, the most crucial related major is “the world economy”. Under this specialty, a special, global approach to understanding, analyzing and evaluating the economic reality, the economic activity of the state, companies and individuals are formed. Such a distinction is reflected in the informal title of the specialty “economist in the international sphere”. This economist is a person who is fluent in foreign languages, capable of rationalizing international relations of business entities, organizations and state bodies.

Students of the specialty “world economy” are considered as all master the basic economic knowledge who has ability to think economically, self-development and economic assessment of each situation. Later, undergraduate students continue to develop their economic thinking and skills by studying the theory and practice of international and foreign economic activity at International Courses, International Business, International Monetary and Financial Relations, World Economy, Foreign Economic Activity management “and so on. learns disciplines.

These and other professional disciplines make it possible to master scientific and systematic knowledge about the peculiarities of the world economy. In addition, it is only beginning to get acquainted with not only non-economic, but also other aspects of international relations. For example, at the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, the specialty “World Economy” is developed in close cooperation with international relations, specialization “Regional studies” and “International law”. At the same time, students are taught economic disciplines, such as “International Economic Law”, “Customs and Customs Law”, “Fundamentals of Diplomatic Service”, “Technique for Business Negotiations.” In addition, she has two foreign languages ​​in all years of study.

As a result of such training graduates of the specialty “World Economy” will have special knowledge and ability in the field of international economic activity and world economy. Knowledge and understanding of intercultural aspects in peculiarities and relationships in the political and legal system of the world, the ability to communicate with representatives of different countries make it possible to successfully implement the future work path.

Since the establishment of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, it has gone through long historical stages to develop and improve its educational and research activities. The University has 236th place in the ranking of QS of the best universities in the world by the end of 2016 – one of the most significant indicators among them – al-Farabi Kazakh National University. And it is a tradition to be the first among Kazakhstani universities. For example, it has been a leader in the rating of the Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating (NARA) for several years.

Based on these achievements, it is possible to conclude that graduates of the specialty “World Economy” will have a very high level of readiness.